Urgup Cappadocia (2021 Holidays, Top Things to Do & See + Advice)

Last Updated on March 28, 2021

Urgup is one of the most popular towns in Cappadocia that travelers may experience and enjoy all the extraordinary formations, fairy chimneys, cultural heritage and ethnographic diversity of all Cappadocia region.

Urgup is established on a region where the famous fairy chimneys are extremely situated. And that makes the town that settled under the skirts of the fairy chimneys has a really fascinating look.

Things to Do & See

As Urgup has been an important center during the era of Byzantium, Seljuks and Ottoman Emire, there are variety of great historical sites in Urgup.

The Three Beauties – Urgup

Top Sights

  • The Six Ported (Altikapili) and the Wish Hill (Temenni) tombs,
  • the Three Beauties (or Sisters) (Uc Guzeller),
  • the Pink Valley (Pembe Vadi),
  • the Greek Bath (Hammam),
  • Kadi Church, Urgup Museum,
  • Taskinpasha Mosque
  • and variety of lovely churches.


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