Urgup Cappadocia (2021 Holidays, Top Things to Do & See + Advice)

Last Updated on May 22, 2021

Urgup is one of the most popular towns in Cappadocia that travelers may experience and enjoy all the extraordinary formations, fairy chimneys, cultural heritage and ethnographic diversity of all Cappadocia region. The town is situated 20 km. from Nevsehir. The region is also one of the most important and lively centers of the Cappadocia.

Urgup is established on a region where the famous fairy chimneys are extremely situated. And that makes the town that settled under the skirts of the fairy chimneys has a really fascinating look.

Things to Do & See

As Urgup has been an important center and home during the era of Byzantium, Seljuks and Ottoman Emire throughout history, you’ll find many historical places to visit, and of course the must-have fairy chimneys. You’ll definitely love the fantastic scenery here.

Top Sights

  • The Six Ported (Altikapili) and the Wish Hill (Temenni) tombs,
  • the Three Beauties (or Sisters) (Uc Guzeller),
  • the Pink Valley (Pembe Vadi),
  • the Greek Bath (Hammam),
  • Kadi Church, Urgup Museum,
  • Taskinpasha Mosque
  • and variety of lovely churches.

Valleys & Fairy Chimneys

The Rose Valley and Red Valley are among the most popular valleys where you can see the amazing fairy chimneys along Urgup.

The Three Beauties – Urgup

Rose Valley

Rose Valley is a popular one where you can witness the most beautiful fairy chimneys of Cappadocia. The valley is situated between Goreme and Cavusin Village, and took its name from the rocks that turned into rose color by daylight.

The Valley has the best and most popular trekking tracks of the region, and also one of the best spots to watch the sunset in Cappadocia. Read more >>

Red Valley

Red Valley is one of the regions where sunrise and sunset can be watched best in Cappadocia. The valley has such a beautiful color and landscape that attracts a great deal of attention from both local and foreign visitors. We can say that it is the most beautiful valley of Cappadocia.

The place is also one of the best spots to watch the sunset with the most beautiful fairy chimney views in the region. You can also find Horse Safari, 4 × 4 Jeep Safari and ATV Safari tours here. Read more >>

Urgup Museum

Urgup Museum is a great museum where both archaeological and ethnographic works are exhibited. Here you can experience and enjoy various fossils and ceramics from the Roman and Byzantine Periods, medals from the Ottoman Period, and ceramics, metal and glass works from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Periods.

Cappadocia Museum of Art and History – Doll Museum– in Mustafapasa, Urgup

A private museum located in Mustafapasa near Urgup and housed in 150 years old mansion. More than 2000 pieces of hand made dolls from Turkey and all over the world in their unique costumes, the wall paintings of Kostas Meletiyadis, the mansion’s historical star windows, yards, rooms, doors and accessories can be admired at the museum.
Address: Yukari dist. Gazi Str. No: 6 Mustafapasa, Urgup, Cappadocia
Tel: +90 384 353 52 21

Urgup Vintage Festival

Urgup is also famous for its vineyards and grapes. If you are planning a visit to this fantastic town in autumn, you can attend to Vintage Festival organized by the Urgpp Municipality in the second week of September every year. During the festival, you can enjoy the variety of great wine tasting.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Hot air balloon ride is one of the most attended tours in Cappadocia. It is also as one of the most interesting and exciting attractions in the world.

Going on a balloon tour and watching the valleys from the sky is another fantastic attraction that we recommend during your Urgup holidays. With a hot air balloon, you can see the unique beautiful valleys of Cappadocia from a bird’s eye view and enjoy the magnificent views.

More Info & Booking

Sightseeing Tours

If you want to discover the popular sights, fairy chimneys, valleys, underground cities and the most beautiful spots of Cappadocia, than you should take take the sightseeing tours.

There are variety of sightseeing tours that covers all regions of Cappadocia. Most of the sightseeing tours are named in colors like Red Tour, Green Tour and Blue Tour.

Eating Out – What to Eat?

Urgup has a magnificent cuisine. While the pottery tradition is famous in the region, the pot dishes cooked in casserole are at the top of the list. Among the local dishes of the region, there are dishes made of various legumes, dishes cooked with meat and in casseroles.

You can taste local dishes such as wedding soup, milk soup, wedding soup, tandoori soup, stuffed apple, stuffed apricot, stuffed apple, slurry and dolaz. Another dish you can taste in the town is the pitas made with minced meat on a special thin dough.

Shopping – What to Buy?

Since it is a touristic area, you’ll find shops mostly selling souvenirs in general. You can buy and present hand-woven carpets, rugs or runners to your loved ones from the Urgup region, which is famous for its hand-woven.

You can also choose fairy chimney sculptures and magnets, which are a miniature of the architectural structure of the region, as gifts.

And since Urgup is famous for its grapes and has its own vintage festival, the most beautiful wines of Cappadocia are also found here. You can buy delicious wines of Urgup.

How to Get to Urgup?

Urgup is situated about 300 km. from Ankara, 750 km. from Istanbul, 790 km. from Izmir, 60 km. from Kayseri, and 20 km. from Nevsehir.

There are NO direct international flights for Cappadocia region. Nearest local airports are situated in Nevsehir and Kayseri. You can find direct domestic flights to these cities from Istanbul and Izmir.

Nevsehir Kapadokya Airport (NAV) is the closest one (44 km.) to the Cappadocia, while you can find more flights to Kayseri Airport (ASR) (75 km.).

After reaching Kayseri or Nevsehir by land or plane, you can reach Urgup by minibuses in about 30 minutes from the airports. But this would be a hard way. Taking a taxi from the center, bus station or airport is another option.

As Cappadocia region is NOT a metropolitan one, mostly has a rural life, we highly recommend you take airport transfers to get to your hotel in Avanos, Goreme, Uchisar or Urgup town of Cappadocia. So that you can have a safe, comfortable and easy transport option to your hotel.

The Shared Shuttle (about €8 per person) or Private Shuttle (about €50 per person) is the most comfortable and convenient way to travel between the airports and Cappadocia and all neighboring regions.

As for private airport shuttle transfers, we highly recommend Tranigo (a Turkish company operating since 1996, and partnered with renowned names like Hertz, Thrifty, Budget, and many reliable and efficient local suppliers) as we recently booked with them had a great trip to our hotel.

Faster and more comfortable than shuttles, buses and taxis. Free cancellation. All prices include fees & tip.

Book Shuttle for Kayseri Airport –> Urgup

Book Shuttle for Urgup –> Kayseri Airport

Book Shuttle for Nevsehir Airport –> Urgup

Book Shuttle for Urgup –> Nevsehir Airport


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