Pigeon Valley Cappadocia (Where? Things to Do & See + Advice)

Pigeon Valley is a lovely valley located near Uchisar town named after the thousands of pigeon houses carved into the soft tufa since ancient times and offers another spectacular panoramic view over Cappadocia together with the spectacular views of the dovecotes. The valley takes its name from pigeons and valley ranks first among the popular, most known, and impressive valleys of Cappadocia.

Top Facts

Pigeon Valley is a unique natural wonder and here are some top facts about Pigeon Valley:

  1. The valley is named after the thousands of pigeon houses built into the valley’s rock formations. The pigeon droppings were collected and used as a valuable fertilizer for crops.
  2. The valley stretches for about 4 km between the towns of Uchisar and Goreme, and is up to 100 meters deep.
  3. Pigeon Valley is a popular hiking destination for visitors to Cappadocia. The hiking trail is well-marked and offers stunning views of the valley and the surrounding rock formations.
  4. The valley is home to a wide variety of plant and animal species, including wildflowers, fig trees, and eagles.
  5. The valley is also known for its spectacular sunrises and sunsets, which attract photographers and nature lovers from around the world.
  6. Pigeon Valley is situated in the heart of Cappadocia, a region famous for its unique landscapes, rock formations, and underground cities.
  7. Visitors to Pigeon Valley can explore the nearby Uchisar Castle, the Goreme Open Air Museum, and other nearby attractions.
  8. The best time to visit Pigeon Valley is during the spring or fall, when the weather is mild and the landscapes are at their most beautiful.
  9. Pigeon Valley is an important cultural and historical site in Turkey and is protected by the government as a national monument. Visitors are encouraged to respect the natural beauty of the valley and to preserve it for future generations.

What to See?

Pigeon Valley is a fantastic place where certain cave dwellings have been painted white to attract the birds for their valuable droppings. The valley is also famous for its beautiful views.

The pigeons are very important for the locals as they have proved their usefulness for centuries. The pigeons of the region date back to 9th century.

The pigeon eggs were used as filling material for the frescos in the 9th century, as well as their fertilizers are used at the region’s grape-yards and farms to obtain extremely productive crops. And thus this is the source of Cappadocia’s delicious grapes and wine-making tradition.

You’ll see variety of lovely fairy chimneys that are carved for pigeons’ nest. There is a also famous tree named “Evil Eye Tree” in the Pigeon Valley that worth a visit and see.

You can walk up the hills along the valley, watch the valley from the edge of the famous evil eye beaded tree, and feed the pigeons here.

Evil Eye Tree Pigeon Valley

The valley has about 4 km. track and the west end of the valley ends in Uchisar. Although the tracks through the valley are a bit challenging, the region is also ideal for trekking and trekking. The walking path is a bit long, so we recommend you take comfortable outdoor shoes with you.

The walk in the valley takes about 45 minutes. The best time to hike in the valley is early in the morning.

Eating Out

On the road to the Pigeon Valley, you’ll find a range of nice terrace restaurants and cafes to enjoy the magnificent views of the region while drinking your tea, coffee or having your meal.


You’ll find various souvenir shops on the road to the valley. Handmade towels, woven rugs, carpets and bags, as well as stone sculptures and magnets in the form of miniatures of the region’s famous fairy chimneys, can be a good gift option.

How to Get There?

Pigeon Valley is situated near Uchisar. About;

  • 13,2 km. from Avanos
  • 5,5 km. from Goreme
  • 1,1 km. from Uchisar
  • 12,9 km. from Urgup

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Top Attractions & Sights

There are 6 must do and see in Cappadocia that you won't want to miss!

  1. Hot Air Balloon Rides (the most exciting attractions in the world)
  2. Goreme Open Air Museum (some best-preserved examples of Byzantine rock-cut architecture and frescoes in the world)
  3. Pasabag Monks Valley (one of the most popular fairy chimneys areas)
  4. Uchisar Castle (highest point, the biggest fairy chimney)
  5. Derinkuyu Underground City (one of the largest underground cities in the world, 8th century BC)
  6. Ihlara Valley (fantastic canyon with a depth of about 100 mt. and 14 km. length)

Tip-1: One of the best ways to explore Cappadocia is by taking a sightseeing tour, so that you can cover all the top sights. Three main sightseeing tours available: Red Tour (covers the highlights of the region), Green Tour (best of natural and historical sites), and Blue Tour (lesser-known sights, off-the-beaten-path experience)

Tip-2: Private Tours are also good choice within a well-planned and custom itinerary along with a private vehicle, driver and professional guide. Great for those who don't have a car or don't know the region well.

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