Love Valley Cappadocia (Where? What to See?)

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Love Valley is a fantastic area located between Avanos and Goreme road named after the interesting fairy chimney formations 😉 spread through the valley. Love Valley is also one most popular places to see in Cappadocia.

What to See?

Love Valley has about 5 km. hiking track. Many Cappadocia sightseeing excursions pass the valley on their schedule as it is hard to walk along the valley. But it is highly recommended to visit Love Valley as there are stunning views not to be missed.

Taking comfortable outdoor shoes with you is highly recommended if you want to take a hike at the Love Valley. Love Valley is situated on the popular routes of hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia.

Love Valley also has a legend that once there was two enemy families living at the valley. There has been a marriage between this two enemy families and one family kills the husband. As the wife has so much love to her husband, she suicides and after that its been said that stones rain to the valley from the sky.

Visitors may take a 2,5 hours hike, attend to ATV quad safari or 4×4 off-road safari at the Love Valley and take lovely photos of the stunning views.

How to Get There?

Love Valley is situated between Avanos and Goreme road. About;

  • 7,9 km. from Avanos
  • 4,5 km. from Goreme
  • 4,8 km. from Uchisar
  • 12,5 km. from Urgup