Kaymakli Underground City Cappadocia: What to See? Tickets

Kaymakli Underground City is the biggest and deepest underground settlement in the Cappadocia region. Located in the Kaymaki Village, Kaymakli Underground City is also one most popular places to see in Cappadocia.

Top Facts

Kaymakli Underground City is one of the must-visit attractions in Cappadocia, Turkey. Here are some top facts about the site:

  1. Kaymakli Underground City is the largest and most popular underground city in Cappadocia, Turkey. It is believed to have been built during the Hittite era, around 3000 BC.
  2. The underground city is located in the town of Kaymakli, which is about 20 km south of Nevsehir.
  3. Kaymakli Underground City is 8 levels deep, but only 4 of these levels are open to the public. Visitors can explore the winding tunnels, storage rooms, ventilation shafts, and underground churches of the city.
  4. The city was used by early Christians as a place of refuge during times of persecution. It was also used as a temporary home for families during times of war.
  5. The underground city has been used for various purposes over the years, including as a storage facility for crops, a stable for animals, and a winery.
  6. The temperature inside the underground city remains cool throughout the year, making it an ideal escape from the scorching heat of the Cappadocian sun in the summer.
  7. Visitors to Kaymakli Underground City can marvel at the ancient engineering that went into the construction of the city. The tunnels are narrow and winding, with ventilation shafts placed strategically to provide fresh air to the inhabitants.
  8. While there are other underground cities in the region, Kaymakli is one of the few that has been completely excavated and made open to the public. It offers visitors a unique and unforgettable experience of Turkey’s rich history and culture.
  9. Kaymakli Underground City is a UNESCO World Heritage site and attracts thousands of visitors each year. To make the most of your visit, it’s recommended to take a guided tour.
  10. With its fascinating history and incredible underground architecture, Kaymakli Underground City is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Cappadocia.

Quick History

Kaymakli Underground City is one of the most popular underground cities in Cappadocia, Turkey. It was built by the early Christian communities in the region during the 8th and 7th centuries BC. The city is believed to have been used as a shelter from invasions, natural disasters, and attacks. The city was also used to store food and water supplies, as well as to keep livestock safe.

The construction of Kaymakli Underground City is attributed to the Phrygians, a civilization that existed in central Anatolia between 1200-700 BC. However, the city was later expanded and developed by the Christians who inhabited the area during the Byzantine era.

Kaymakli Underground City consists of eight floors, of which only four are open to the public. The city also contains a network of tunnels and passages that connect different chambers and sections of the underground city.

The city was discovered in 1964 by a Turkish man who was renovating his house. It is estimated that the city can accommodate up to 3,500 people, and has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

What to Expect from Your Visit?

Kaymakli Underground City is one of the largest and most well-preserved underground cities in the region, believed to have been built by the early Christians as a hiding place from persecution.

Visitors to Kaymakli Underground City can expect to see a labyrinthine network of tunnels, chambers, and galleries carved deep into the volcanic tuff rock. The city consists of eight levels, only four of which are open to the public. The underground city reaches a depth of over 85 meters and can accommodate up to 3,000 people.

As you explore Kaymakli, you will encounter narrow and low passageways, steep staircases, and rooms that were used for different purposes. You will also see ventilation shafts, water wells, and storage areas. Some of the rooms were used as communal areas, including a church, stables, and kitchens. You will also come across burial chambers, which were used to bury the dead within the city walls.

One of the highlights of the city is the large circular stone door that was used to seal off the city from invaders. The door is said to weigh over 1,000 kilograms and could only be opened from the inside. Another notable feature is the air conditioning system, which is still in place and is believed to have been used to regulate the temperature and humidity of the city.

During your visit to Kaymakli Underground City, you will be able to learn about the history of the site and the people who lived there. Visitors are advised to wear comfortable shoes and bring a light jacket as the temperature underground can be cooler than the surface.

What’s Inside?

Kaymakli Underground City has 8 levels underground (only 4 are open) carved from the soft volcanic stone that are connected with each other by narrow tunnels. Visitors may visit stalls, stables, stores, refectories, churches, wineries, kitchens and the other sections.

Going for 40 meters under the ground, Kaymakli Underground City has a capacity of 5000 people. It is very exciting to imagine that how people lived here. A visit to Kaymakli Underground City is a must on your Cappadocia holidays.

Visitors having claustrophobia are not recommended to enter the underground city.

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Visiting Hours & Admissions

Opening Hours

Open every day between 08:00-17:00.

How to Get to There?

Kaymakli Underground City is located about 20 kilometers (12 miles) south of Goreme, making it easily accessible by car, bus, or organized tour.

Kaymakli Underground City is situated in Kaymakli Village. About;

  • 36,2 km. from Avanos
  • 25,3 km. from Goreme
  • 21,3 km. from Uchisar
  • 31,7 km. from Urgup.

It is better to visit Kaymakli Underground City via Cappadocia excursions or your private/rented car. Here’s how to get to Kaymakli Underground City from some of the nearby towns:

  • From Goreme: The easiest way to get to Kaymakli Underground City from Goreme is by joining an organized tour or hiring a private driver. Alternatively, you can take a bus to Nevsehir and then transfer to a bus heading to Kaymakli.
  • From Urgup: You can take a bus from Urgup to Nevsehir, and then transfer to a bus heading to Kaymakli. Alternatively, you can join an organized tour or hire a private driver.
  • From Uchisar: You can take a bus from Uchisar to Nevsehir and then transfer to a bus heading to Kaymakli. Alternatively, you can join an organized tour or hire a private driver.
  • From Avanos: You can take a bus from Avanos to Nevsehir and then transfer to a bus heading to Kaymakli. Alternatively, you can join an organized tour or hire a private driver.

It’s worth noting that while driving is an option, the roads in the area can be narrow and winding, so it may be more comfortable to travel by bus or organized tour. Additionally, entry to the underground city is only possible with a guided tour, so it may be more convenient to book an organized tour that includes transportation and entrance.

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Kaymakli Underground City Visiting Tips

Kaymakli Underground City is a fascinating and unique attraction in Cappadocia. Visitors should keep in mind a few important tips to make the most of their visit:

  1. Wear comfortable shoes: The underground tunnels at Kaymakli can be narrow and uneven, so it’s important to wear comfortable shoes that will provide good traction.
  2. Dress in layers: The temperature inside the underground city can be quite cool and damp, so dressing in layers can help you stay comfortable throughout your visit.
  3. Bring a flashlight: The underground tunnels can be dark and some areas may not be well-lit, so bringing a small flashlight can be helpful for navigating the tunnels and exploring the various chambers.
  4. Take a guided tour: While it’s possible to explore Kaymakli Underground City on your own, taking a guided tour can be a great way to learn about the history and culture of the area. Guides are knowledgeable about the underground city and can provide valuable insights and information that may enhance your visit.
  5. Be aware of your surroundings: The underground tunnels can be narrow and some areas may be difficult to navigate, so it’s important to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Stay on designated paths and be mindful of any warning signs or markers indicating potential hazards.
  6. Respect the history and culture: Kaymakli Underground City is an important cultural and historical site, so it’s important to respect the area and its significance. Avoid touching any artifacts or structures, and be mindful of any rules or regulations in place to protect the underground city.
  7. If you have claustrophobia or a fear of enclosed spaces, it’s important to take precautions when visiting Kaymakli Underground City. The underground tunnels can be narrow and tight, with low ceilings in some areas, which may trigger feelings of anxiety or discomfort for some visitors.If you feel overwhelmed at any point, take a break in one of the designated resting areas throughout the underground city or step outside into the fresh air for a moment.Ultimately, if you have severe claustrophobia or a related condition, it may be best to avoid visiting Kaymakli Underground City. There are many other unique and exciting attractions in Cappadocia that may be more suitable for individuals with claustrophobia.

Guided Tours

Taking a guided tour for Kaymakli Underground City can also enhance your experience and provide you with valuable insights into the history and significance of the site. Here are some reasons why you might want to consider a guided tour:

  1. Knowledgeable guides: A guide can provide you with in-depth information about the history and architecture of the underground city. They can also answer any questions you may have about the site and its significance.
  2. Safety: The underground city can be narrow and claustrophobic in some areas. A guide can help ensure your safety and provide assistance if needed.
  3. Efficient use of time: A guided tour can help you maximize your time by taking you directly to the most important parts of the underground city and avoiding long lines.
  4. Local insights: A guide can provide you with insights into the local culture and customs, which can enhance your overall experience in Cappadocia.
  5. Context and perspective: A guide can provide context and perspective on the underground city and its historical significance, which can help you appreciate the site more fully.
  6. Save time and skip the lines: During peak tourist season, it can be crowded and busy, with long lines and wait times. A guided tour can help you skip the lines and avoid the crowds, so you can enjoy a more peaceful and meaningful experience.

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