Hot Air Balloon Ride Cappadocia (2022 Prices Best Tours Advice)

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    Hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is one of the major attractions best things to do in Cappadocia. The Cappadocia hot air balloon tour also considered as one of the most interesting and exciting attractions in the world.

    As Cappadocia is famous for its natural beauties, fairy chimneys, rock-cut houses, open air museum and historical sites, the hot air balloon rides also give an important popularity to the region. The hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia is considered to be one of the best routes, as well as one of the busiest rides in the world.

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    What to Expect?

    One of the first things that come to mind when talking about Cappadocia is undoubtedly the hot air balloon rides. It is truly an exceptional and dreamy experience for the participants to watch the unique beauty of Cappadocia from the air with a convoy of hundreds of hot air balloons before sunrise every morning.

    The hot air balloon ride is a fantastic and thrilling experience that while you glide over the fairy chimneys and rock-cut houses along Cappadocia, you can enjoy the privileged views of the unique landscape of the region from air.

    You may watch the sun rise over the beautiful valleys and enjoy a Champagne toast upon your safe landing.

    Balloon Ride FAQs

    How much is hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?

    Cappadocia Balloon Tour price for the 2022 season is expected to be around €140-190 per person in March, €170-200 per person between 01 April - 31 August, and €190-240 per person between September and October.

    What's included at the hot air balloon ride price?

    It includes breakfast, transportation from your hotel service, minimum of 1 hour balloon flight, champagne toast on landing, personalized commemorative flight certificate and full insurance.

    Why is hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia so expensive?

    The balloon tour is not a cheap activity, even quite expensive. It is because the excursion has a big team behind with difficult processes, big efforts and costs for the operation and the maintenance. For a tour company making this kind tours, they need to charge several hundred euros to survive. But you can be sure that this experience is worth it for that feeling of freedom.

    How long is the Cappadocia hot air balloon flight?

    The hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia take approximately one hour in the air. Several flights can go for about 1 and half an hour depending on the amount of fuel on board, the combined weight of the passengers, and the weather condition.

    If we include the hotel picked up and preparation for the flight (1 hour) plus, balloon ride (1 hour) plus champagne toast and hotel drop (1 hour), this experience lasts for about 3 hours in total.

    When the Cappadocia hot air balloons take off?

    Typical flights start early in the morning along the sunrise around 05:30 am. You are taken by a shuttle to the hot air balloon preparation point. While the preparations go on, you are served a light breakfast including tea, coffee and cake. Meanwhile, the status of the permission for the departure of the balloons checked. When allowed, than your exciting journey starts.

    How safe are the hot air balloons?

    Hot air balloon rides are accepted as the safest air sport in aviation by the World Air Sports Federation (FAI). The accidents in this activity is very very rare. The balloon rides here in Cappadocia has a more than 20 years of history and experience.

    Is Cappadocia hot air balloon tour held in all seasons?

    Cappadocia hot air balloon rides are held 12 months of the year and whenever the weather conditions are suitable. The wind speed should not be more than 11 km. per hour and there should not be rainy and stormy weather.

    How high do the balloons rise?

    The maximum altitude of the balloons during the flight may vary depending on the weather conditions. As a legal limit, balloons can go up to approximately 1400 meters above the ground. In addition, pilots can drop balloons up to 1 meter from the ground so that you can see the valleys and fairy chimneys closely.

    How much distance is covered during the balloon tour?

    During the balloon tour, which lasts about 1 hour, a distance of approximately 6 to 7 kilometers is covered from the ground.

    Where do the balloons land?

    The landing of the balloons is not a predetermined point. Hot air balloon pilots plan the approximate landing point before the flight, but the landing point may vary depending on the weather and wind conditions. Generally, from the 40-45th minute of the flight, estimated landing point is determined by the pilot and a safe landing is provided to this point.

    The landing of the balloons is done very safely. The baskets are designed for a safe landing.

    How many passengers are in the balloon?

    Balloons can accommodate different categories of passengers. In a typical balloon tour, there are between 20 and 28 passengers in the basket. The basket consists of 4 sections and a maximum of 5 people can get on each section. There are also balloons for 10-12 people.

    Who cannot participate in the balloon tour?

    Anyone who is in good physical and mental health can participate in the balloon tour. During the balloon tour, which lasts for a minimum of 1 hour, you should know that you'll stay in the basket, and sometimes there may be hard landings, and this is not recommended for participants who have recently had surgery or doctor approvals are required. In addition, for those who have a fear of heights are not recommended to participate in the balloon tour. Pregnant women are also not allowed to participate in the balloon tour.

    Can kids join the balloon tour?

    Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to participate in the balloon tour. In addition, children under the age of 16 can only join the balloon tour with their families.

    Are balloon pilots licensed and are passengers insured?

    All pilots controlling the balloons have an international flight license and they have to renew their licenses in every 2 years. Therefore, it is ensured that the performance and knowledge of the pilots are constantly up-to-date and at the highest level. Aviation insurance is also provided for all passengers on balloon flights.

    What happens if the balloon flights are canceled?

    From time to time, flights can be canceled the day before or on the day of the flight due to adverse weather conditions or breaches of safety. In this case, the passengers who buy the balloon tour are refunded or, if their schedules are available, next day flight is planned.

    2022 Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride Prices

    “How much does it costs a hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia?” is the most questions for the ones visiting Cappadocia. Average cost of hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia is around €150-180 per person.

    Cappadocia Balloon Tour price for the 2022 season is expected to be around;

    • €140-190 per person in March,
    • €170-200 per person between 01 April – 31 August,
    • €190-240 per person between September and October.

    And that price for hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia mostly includes light breakfast, hotel pick-up and drop-off, minimum of 1 hour in the air, champagne toast on landing, personalized commemorative flight certificate and full passenger insurance.

    Prices may vary month by month depending on the service quality and demand intensity. Seems a bit expensive but worth taking this fantastic attraction.

    If you take hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia combined with the other Cappadocia day tours, than the cost is about between €250-350 per person.

    Hot air balloon tours is an expensive attraction all over the world. There are big number of costs behind, such as a great teamwork, balloon equipments, maintenance costs, etc.

    Best Season & Balloon Flights

    You may easily find a hot air balloon ride tour agent in Cappadocia. On a busy day, about more than 100 balloons rise to the sky in Cappadocia.

    Autumn and Spring are the best seasons for hot air balloon riding in Cappadocia. Balloon tours are mostly made by 10-12 people or 20-28 people.

    The wind rules the balloon so that you go where the wind blows and also the landing location of the balloon is not known. Participants are rewarded with drinks after the tour and also get a certificate.

    When it takes off?

    Typical Cappadocia hot air balloon ride start very early in the morning like about 05:00 am. and goes for about 1 hour. Travelers are taken from their hotels and transferred to the flight area.

    As you wake up very early in the morning and when you get to the flight area, you’ll feel like you won’t believe your eyes with the extraordinary landscape is real or a dream.

    The very big balloons’ are getting blown and taking their shapes and the dawn’s getting illuminated with the lights of the burning helium gas used for blowing the balloons look like surrealistic.

    From where do balloons take off?

    Majority of the hot air balloons take off from Goreme, that is the center of Cappadocia. You are able to experience and enjoy the beautiful views of the Pigeon valley, Zemi vallery, Pasabag Monks valley, almost everywhere.

    The Safety Measurements

    The departure of the hot air balloon rides in Cappadocia is supervised by the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation. There is no such issue that one company can go for flight while another can not. If the weather is not suitable for the flights, than all the balloon flights are cancelled.

    In addition, the hot air balloon pilots are subjected to professional training at the highest standards set by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation for all aviation operators.

    Covid-19 Measurements

    • All areas of the balloon that the guests touch are frequently cleaned
    • Guests are required to keep the distance at the balloons
    • Guests are required to bring and wear masks
    • The number of guests is limited to reduce the crowds
    • Guests get a mandatory temperature check

    Who Should Not Take Hot Air Balloon Ride?

    Attending to hot air balloon ride is not recommended for the ones;

    • who had a surgery in the very recent past,
    • who have severe pain in the hip or waist area,
    • who have fragile bone structure,
    • who have fear of height,
    • who are in the first 3 months of their pregnancy,
    • children under 6 years of age.

    Video Tour

    Typical Cappadocia hot air balloon ride Itinerary

    You’ll be picked up from your hotel in Cappadocia at about 04:00 am. and you’ll be transferred to the launch site.

    Warm up from the early morning chill with coffee and tea. You may watch the balloons as they are prepared and inflated while you enjoy your breakfast.

    And then float to an altitude of about 1,000 feet (300 meters) for extraordinary 360-degree panoramic views of Cappadocia as the sun begins to rise. The wind will take you across the beautiful valleys and mountains for about 45 minutes to 1 hour.

    Marvel at the unique rocks and caves of the region from a bird’s eye perspective.

    Toast your landing with a glass of Champagne and get your personal flight certificate before the transfer back to your hotel at about 07:00 and the start of the rest of your day.


    • Watch the sunrise over the valleys and mountains of Cappadocia
    • Float over the fairy chimneys in hot air balloons
    • Enjoy a champagne toast on landing
    • Get a pre-flight breakfast with hot coffee and tea
    • Leave with lasting memories and a souvenir flight certificate


    • Hotel pick-up and drop off by luxury vehicle (from Urgup, Goreme, Uchisar, Avanos, Cavusin, Mustafapasa and Nevsehir only)
    • Breakfast (coffee/tea and snacks) before the flight
    • 1 hour balloon flight
    • Insurance in accordance with the requirements of the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization)
    • Commemorative flight certificate
    • Glass of champagne on landing
    • Full passenger insurance

    How to Book Hot Air Balloon Ride?

    You can find several local tour agents organizing hot air balloon rides. As insiders, we only suggest the proven ways and top rated ones with travelers’ comments.

    We recommend our best collaborators Tour de Voyelo Travel (TURSAB License No:13945) and TTG Travel (TURSAB License No:A-5918), registered with the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TURSAB) since many many years, and providing in-depth guided tours in Cappadocia, as well as Istanbul to Cappadocia.

    You can be sure that you’ll take the best service. And as we cut out the middle-men, you always pay the lowest price with a great value for money.

    You can book this tour by filling the booking form below. You’ll be contacted and informed within an hour. And you’ll get 5% discount as being website visitor.

    There is no pre-payment in the reservation. You can make the payment on the day of the tour. You will receive a professional and friendly service from start to finish.

    However, partial or full payment may be requested during the season with high demand. And if you book in advance, you can take the best price and guarantee your seat.

    Since balloons, flights, operators and equipment are inspected by the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation, you can safely fly in fully equipped and well-maintained balloons.

    Balloon tours start just before sunrise, between 04:00 and 05:00 in the summer (April-October), and between 05:00 and 06:00 in the winter (November-March).

    The balloon tour takes approximately 3 hours, including pick-up from your hotel, pre-flight breakfast and information, balloon tour, post-flight celebration, certificate presentation and drop off back to your hotel.

    Transfer service is provided from all hotels in Cappadocia. After your booking confirmation, you are informed about the transfer and flight details by the relevant agency.

    Note: Children under the age of 6 are not allowed to participate in the balloon tour. In addition, children under the age of 16 can only join the balloon tour with their families.

    Services included in the price

    • Pick up and drop off from your any Cappadocia hotel
    • Breakfast snacks before the flight
    • 1-hour balloon ride
    • Celebration with champagne
    • Personal flight certificate
    • Insurance under the provisions of the ICAO

    Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Ride Booking Form

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      Here we only suggest the proven ways and top rated ones with travelers’ comments. You can feel free to book one of the below top selling Cappadocia Balloon Tours.

      Free cancellation up to 24 hours before activity starts

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      1. We are 4 persons need to have ballon ride on 18th July, morning. Kindly give us best price. We got 120 dollar for Pamakulle.

      2. Hi,
        I am planning to travel in the month of April with my family, the only problem is my baby is 2 year old. Is their any baby sitting services avaiable on the site so that me and husband can take this ride.
        Thank you in advance.

        • Hi Marina, balloon flights are available at the moment and will be available with no restrictions as as of 01 July, all curfews and restrictions will be lifted.

      3. Hi! just wondering if the hot air balloons are still happening on weekends? Unfortunately I can only travel to Cappadocia on the weekends, but just wanted to check if the tours are still happening!

        And also, do you know if the red or green tours also happen on the weekends too?


        • Hi Jessie, curfew or lockdown is only for locals, tourists are exempt from the restrictions. So balloon tours and any other sightseeing tours are available for tourists in the weekends too. If you fill out the form on the page, than the travel agent may contact you with all the details.

      4. This is a must take attraction during your entire trip in Cappadocia. We booked the tour from Istanbul and the company (Ms. Ozlem) was very professional, easy to deal with and they organized every detail including all the transfers from Istanbul. The balloon flight was amazing that flying over the fairy chimneys was like a fairy tale. The views were also magnificent. We never had a fond of heights during the flight. It was really a superb experience and we thank everybody to let us have this opportunity

      5. Everything was like its told and perfect, thank to Ms.Ozlem that the agent was great and very helpful. The crew was also great that they really care and love what they do. The flight was very impressive as well. After the flight we also helped the guys to pack the balloon and it was really very fun 🙂 And finally the champagne toast and snacks, wonderful. Highly recommend!!!

      6. hello,
        do hot air baloons make a ride right now in december 2020 in case of the lockdown in Turkey? if they fly, what days are available?

        • Hi Jane, thank you, at the moment balloons only operate in the weekdays due to covid restrictions. Not available on Saturday and Sunday. You can have a flight now in December and in 2021 during the weekdays (until government cancel the weekend curfew restrictions) for sure.

      7. How many balloons we could expect simultaneously in air in this pandemic period? And how many balloons usually fly in common circumstances? Thnx!

        • Hi Simon, balloon flights has nothing to do with pandemic period right now. There only has been a loss with the demands. Flights were OFF till the end of August but started again in September. There are flights as long as there is a demand, and since late October there is a big demand. They operate as long as weather allows, should’nt be stormy, very windy and with heavy rain. If all balloons are full, than you can expect about 60 to 80 balloons in the air. November still seems OK with the weather and if you want we can arrange a balloon flight via certificated travel agent. You can fill the form on the page. Thanks

      8. Hi, I was wondering if the balloon flights are still available in November 2020 due to covid-19? how many people can enter the balloon? Thank you

        • Hi Juliet, yes balloon flights are available for all year round as long as there is no very windy and stormy weather with heavy rain. We can arrange your requested tour with pleasure. The balloon basket is around 12 to 24 people.

      9. The agent communication, instant reply from the form, the agent guys and guides, the sandwiches, champagne toast are all great. Service quality was good. The views from above was excellent at every turn. The pilot and host was great as we never had a fear or put through unsafe. He did ride the balloon to arrange things for our convenience and comfort. The ride was exciting as we were over the fairy chimneys. They took us from our hotel and after drop us back. The price can be expensive but it really worth a this type of exhilarating attraction.

      10. Although it is bad to get up early while you’re in holiday 🙂 it paid off in the end. Upon filling the reservation form we got a quick reply from the agent with pricing and details. They picked us up from our hotel and we went to the place. Had a good welcoming with a quick breakfast and information. We also helped out unpacking the balloon, and it was really fun 🙂 As we rise up everything became excellent, very beautiful and very exciting. The guys were all helpful and we felt safe. We definitely recommend this tour.


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