Eating out in Cappadocia (Best Places to Eat & Drink + Insider Advice)

Last Updated on April 3, 2022

As for eating out in Cappadocia, Cappadocia offers variety of dining opportunities to its visitors from traditional tastes of central Anatolia such as lamb dinner (testi kebab) served at the popular cave restaurants in very authentic ambiance to Turkish, International, Mediterranean & Indian cuisine.

Traditional Tastes

Pottery kebab (Testi kebap)

The traditional lamb dish named“testi kebab”which means“pottery kebab”is the most renown dish in the Cappadocia region.

This lamb dish is made with lamb and vegetables like aubergine and potato that are put inside a pot (pot’s mouth is closed with dough) and than cooked about 2 hrs.

The dish named “Oskar” specific to Avanos, made of stewed dried beans is also another very popular dish in Cappadocia.

A Cave Restaurant

Travelers may also eat fish and mezes at the popular restaurants set on the banks of the Red River (Kizilirmak).

The dessert named “Asede”, roasted flour and butter, mixed with sugar and egg and cooked with water or milk on low fire, is a popular traditional dessert in Cappadocia.


Majority of the touristic restaurants in Cappadocia are cave restaurants designed to be carved into the rocks. We recommend you to have a dinner in these restaurants that reflect the authentic structure of the region.


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