Cavusin Village Cappadocia (2022 Holidays, Top Things to Do & See)

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    Cavusin is a touristic and charming village and one of the oldest settlements of the region situated along the Goreme-Avanos road in Cappadocia. Christians who lived here during their time created living spaces for themselves in the cavities they dug into the fairy chimneys in the region in order to escape from the pressure of the Romans and to live their religion more comfortably. Locals still live in the rock-cut dwellings and stone houses.

    Cavusin village has variety of historical sites such as ruins from the Christian monks and some churches in Cappadocia.

    Things to Do & See

    When you come to Cavusin Village, you will be greeted by a small village square, surrounded by a historical landscape of fairy chimneys and artifacts carved into the rocks. You can start your village tour by visiting the ruins and famous churches here.

    You’ll find many churches in the village. The Cavusin ruins and the churches such as Saint Yahya Church and Cavusin Church are also other popular sights that worth a visit and see.

    The Cavusin Church is decorated with moments in which important events of the period are told and pictures of important people. In addition, the Church of St. John The Baptist, dating back to the 5th century, is the oldest among the churches you should visit in the village.

    There are also very beautiful landscapes for photography enthusiasts in the village.

    Cavusin is also famous for its pottery that has started around the 2nd millennium B.C by Hittites in Cappadoia. You can nice stroll in and around the village, visit a pottery workshops and learn about red clay work and ceramics.

    Cavusin is also home to beautiful hiking trails. Trekking here is a great activity for those who love nature sports. Apart from walking tours, it is also possible to participate in horse or ATV safari tours.

    How to Get There?

    Cavusin is located on the road between Goreme and Avanos. It is approximately 4.1 km. from Goreme and 4.3 km. from Avanos.

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